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Friday, August 29, 2008

Firefox Private Data

Firefox 2.0 used to remember the sites that I browsed when I close the browser and it used to open all those sites for me when next time start my firefox. But Firefox 3.0 forgets my browsing history. I have found out why it does so.
It is because by default the private mode is on in Firefox 3.0. It means whenever you close your browser, all the browsing history, authentication cookies will be deleted. You can tell your browser not to do the browsing history when you close the browser. Obviously this is risky if there are spywares installed on you computer. This is how you can to it.
  • Go to tools -> Option. Go to the Privacy tab.
  • Check the "Ask me before clearing my private data". Now when you close your browser it will ask you whether you want to clear the private data or not.
  • When you close the browser, in the dialog box that comes up, uncheck the "Browsing history" checkbox. Alternately you can uncheck "Browsing History" checkbox in the dialog box that comes up when you click on the settings button in the privacy tab.

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